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Red Dead Redemption

2010-03-07 11:11:22 by Dorkcraft

I cannot wait for Red Dead Redemption. Its gonna be Grand Theft Auto except with trains and horses and revolvers. Free mode is going to be utterly fantastic, and I can't wait to pop the game in and rob trains with my friends.

You can do all sorts of racing and such with your horses, and the open world is completely huge. Its actually made by the same people who make Grand Theft Auto, so it will employ many of the same kind of mechanics, and I love it.

Anyone else looking forward to it? Leave a comment with your thoughts...and stuff.


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2010-03-07 11:36:34

Wow I love GTA games so I'm going to love these games.

Dorkcraft responds:

:D :D :D

I agree, its going to be utterly BAD ASS