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Alfa Tsentr and shit..

2009-08-23 00:57:51 by Dorkcraft

I'm really starting to get obsessed about the alfa tsentr google's really interesting to try and find out what is going on with it. I mean, it was some random thing I just happened to stumble upon, and it kicks ass. If anyone has any questions about it..leave a comment or PM me.

So I love my job.

2009-08-06 00:50:36 by Dorkcraft

Geek squad is so much better than I ever expected. Nice people, nice environment. Idiot customers, but that comes with every job dealing with people. I love driving around in that buggy to, even though they made me take a driving test before being able to take it out..

So...about them parties...

2009-08-02 01:39:14 by Dorkcraft

I've been partying a bit too much. I won't go into details, but I suppose we could just say that I need to take a break. My arms hurt, and I basically feel like complete shit. I'm hungry, and can't seem to find any food, even though I distinctly remember buying a crap-ton of food yesterday.

On a happier note, my flash skills have been improving and I'm continuing to work on my project to perfect it before I upload it.

Nothing really special to pretty fuckin bored so if anyone happens to read this and has something fun to give me to do..please do..

Watching Predator

2009-07-18 13:59:40 by Dorkcraft

i love this movie...never really gets old...the original, mind you..

I've discovered something...

2009-07-12 13:43:41 by Dorkcraft

I'm probably the nicest, most accepting person I have ever had the fortunate tidings to meet..


2009-07-06 23:18:53 by Dorkcraft

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I don't understand how the weekends go by so fast.

Anyone have a valid explanation?

15 Inches of Snow Coming...

2009-01-28 00:25:46 by Dorkcraft

And I'm about to end my life. Not really, calm down!

I can't wait to look out the window and see 15 inches of snow on my driveway.

My car will have to be cleaned off, and shoveled out.

Fuck New Hampshire.

Fuck it.

Bored, Tired, etc.

2009-01-25 02:04:17 by Dorkcraft

I honestly cannot think of anything new to post, I mean, nothing has really happened. I'm at my friend's house, and he is playing Ninja Gaiden II, which is a garbage game in my point of view.

Anyways, its 2 AM and we are about to go get some McDonalds or something, so, adios amigos.

Sorry for the pointless post..feel free to yell at me via comments.


In my boredom, I made this response to a post, and I am quite proud of myself. 21230